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You already know what to expect when Yella hits the scene, real fuckin and a big yella ass..This time we invite ner comer Miss Nellz to the party and it was lit as fuck..They was tasting eachother all night while me and Turk was dicking them down..Nellz is new to BBC so she was screaming all over the place..lol..Yella was really slurping dick and pussy all night long. I think she really likes girls now..lol..all in all great 4some scene for the members..
If you guess Miss Addiction with her many AKA's, but yeah she came back and from what I heard was tight as fuck..Said she hasn't fucked in awile and it was apparent. My man Turk couldn't hold that 1st nut for too long, he had to let it go, but he came back on the recovery and dicked her back out..Great to see them 2 again..They had some good chemistry, and Turk gave it to her how he suppose to..She might just be back for a few more rounds, we will see, but for now enjoy..
This freak bitch on Twitter hit us up and said she always wanted to do a video without her face showing, we said fuck it come through and lets fuck..She was nice and thick and a real freak..It started as a 3 some but I let Turk shine on this one. My man tore her pussy up..She never had a fuck like that, tapped this bitch out for real, had her stomach hurting..lol..Not a bad scene for a non porn chick..straight underground shit here
Yes indeed this is Layla Finesse's last video ever. She came in the fast and hard. Within a 2 month period she filmed numerous videos and just left us without a trace. I was saving this one for awhile and decided to finally let you guys in on it.  She took on Big Turk in a nice one on one that left that pussy sore afterwards. She's defintely one of the best ones by far. Hope you guys enjoy this last video of her..
ADDED December 6th  2016
ADDED December 26th  2016